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Please follow our Contact your government representatives link to address issues requiring attention.  You can follow the progress of House & Senate Bills via the "Florida Legislative Bill Tracking" links at left.


President Donald Trump
U.S. Senate Marco Rubio
U.S. House of Representatives John Mica


State (Florida)

State Representative District 28 Jason Brodeur

Florida Supreme Court:  Should they be retained?

Charles T Canady YES
Jorge Labarga NO
Ricky L Polston YES

Florida District Court of Appeal:  Should they be retained?

Jay Cohen NO
James A Edwards YES
Brian Lambert YES
Vincent G Torpy YES

Other Judicial

Florida Circuit Judge 18th Judicial Court Group 9 TBD

Soli & Water Conservation

District Supervisor Group 2 Tony Tizzio
District Supervisor Group 4 Brian P Byrd

Florida Constitutional Amendments

We do not support the idea of monkeying with the constitution.  Almost all constitutional amendments involve things that should be handled by the legislature.  Let's get the legislature to do their jobs and address important issues.

Vote NO to all constitutional amendments!




Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller Grant Maloy
Tax Collector Joel Greenberg
Board of County Commissioners District 1 Bob Dallari
Board of County Commissioners District 5 Brenda Carey




Councilman Group III Tim Beamer
Councilman Group IV Megan Sladek


Referendum Election (Police Station & Safety Complex Renovation TBD





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